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Want to learn more about how to use LiDAR and seeing what hidden features and previously unknown archaeology can be discovered in the landscape? This Portal is designed as a means to not only view the LiDAR data, but to be a tool for mapping and interpreting it.

In order to use this Portal, you must register for an account (make this a link). Once you are logged-in, you can view the data by going to the Portal tab (again link to it).

There are several tutorial guides to help in understanding how to use the Portal, how LiDAR data is collected and processed into various visualisations, and how to best read and interpret the images. These guides, including a Gazetteer of Monument Types, How to Read LiDAR and Guide for Desk-Based Study are available under Resources (link to this). You must be registered and logged-in to view the tutorials.

After initial identification is made on the Portal, volunteer-led landscape investigation teams will be formed and trained to go out into the field and ground-truth features recorded online. These heritage features will then form an important dataset which will supplement the Historic Environment Record and enhance our knowledge of the landscape. Please contact our Community Archaeologist ( to be involved in the fieldwork aspect of the project.

To be kept up-to-date on volunteering opportunities, including workshops and other events organised by the Darent Valley Team, please consider signing up for the mailing list. E-newsletters will be sent out every couple months, and you can unsubscribe at anytime.

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